Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coolest Wedding Favors

My wife and I attended a wedding over the weekend and you'll never guess the theme they had! It was probably the coolest wedding I have ever been to. The reception was like being in a Las Vegas casino! We had the best time ever gambling and playing cards all night with free drinks to boot! They even had clever personalized wedding favors that were poker cards! How cool is that? Now why didn't we think of this great theme for our wedding reception?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Memorable Shower Favors

Check this out! I thought this was another cool idea that my wife came up with since we attended that wedding. She is in charge once again to plan a shower for her girlfriend and told me about this. Being her creative self she thought these disposable camera shower favors would be great to set out on each table. Guests could have fun taking pictures of the shower party as it happens. These cool little cameras come in a bunch of styles and colors to coordinate with the shower as well. What a great way to take home keep sakes of such an fun day. They could even have double prints made to send to the bride and groom!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Men's Lab Coats he'll Appreciate

The first person I crossed off my shopping list was my wife. Of course I knew what she wanted six months ago but, that's beside the point. I have over twenty people to buy for. My brother is another story. He is the overachiever of the family. Graduating medical school at the top of his class he has landed his dream job in one of the best hospitals in the state. He deserves to look and feel his best at all times. I must say though, he is in serious need of some new men's lab coats. He may be at the top of his game in his profession but his appearance can be worked on. So, I'm going to hook him up with some new work wear! I hope he appreciates the thought I'm putting into having these lab coats embroidered with his name too! Hopefully he will return the favor when it comes to choosing something for his big brother!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's on My List - Titanium Rings!

I always make a list and check it twice this time of year. I'm sure everyone does right? I have most of my shopping done but there is always that one thing that I personally would love to have. So, I drop hints to my wife now and then and maybe send her a link of some titanium rings that I have been looking at. Hey, I just want to make her gift giving a little direction. So, maybe this year I wont end up with a tie or another sweater. What are your holiday tricks of the trade? How do you hint to your family what you want for Christmas?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Best Jewelers In Newport Beach!

With Christmas right around the corner, I'm beginning to start my challenging Christmas shopping. I started getting my extended family wine glass charms, and my father a new saddle. However, now I'm stumped; I have no idea what I should get my mother. This season she hasn't dropped me even the slightest hint of what she wants. I figured walking around town, window shopping in the mall was going to take too long, so I took my searches online. Almost immediately I found the perfect gift! I came upon these rings, and knew they were perfect. I ordered the ring, and received it a few days later. The jewelers I worked with were amazing. They put up with all of my needs perfectly, and knew exactly what they were doing. I would honestly say that these guys are the best jewelers in Newport Beach!