Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coolest Wedding Favors

My wife and I attended a wedding over the weekend and you'll never guess the theme they had! It was probably the coolest wedding I have ever been to. The reception was like being in a Las Vegas casino! We had the best time ever gambling and playing cards all night with free drinks to boot! They even had clever personalized wedding favors that were poker cards! How cool is that? Now why didn't we think of this great theme for our wedding reception?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Memorable Shower Favors

Check this out! I thought this was another cool idea that my wife came up with since we attended that wedding. She is in charge once again to plan a shower for her girlfriend and told me about this. Being her creative self she thought these disposable camera shower favors would be great to set out on each table. Guests could have fun taking pictures of the shower party as it happens. These cool little cameras come in a bunch of styles and colors to coordinate with the shower as well. What a great way to take home keep sakes of such an fun day. They could even have double prints made to send to the bride and groom!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Men's Lab Coats he'll Appreciate

The first person I crossed off my shopping list was my wife. Of course I knew what she wanted six months ago but, that's beside the point. I have over twenty people to buy for. My brother is another story. He is the overachiever of the family. Graduating medical school at the top of his class he has landed his dream job in one of the best hospitals in the state. He deserves to look and feel his best at all times. I must say though, he is in serious need of some new men's lab coats. He may be at the top of his game in his profession but his appearance can be worked on. So, I'm going to hook him up with some new work wear! I hope he appreciates the thought I'm putting into having these lab coats embroidered with his name too! Hopefully he will return the favor when it comes to choosing something for his big brother!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's on My List - Titanium Rings!

I always make a list and check it twice this time of year. I'm sure everyone does right? I have most of my shopping done but there is always that one thing that I personally would love to have. So, I drop hints to my wife now and then and maybe send her a link of some titanium rings that I have been looking at. Hey, I just want to make her gift giving a little direction. So, maybe this year I wont end up with a tie or another sweater. What are your holiday tricks of the trade? How do you hint to your family what you want for Christmas?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Best Jewelers In Newport Beach!

With Christmas right around the corner, I'm beginning to start my challenging Christmas shopping. I started getting my extended family wine glass charms, and my father a new saddle. However, now I'm stumped; I have no idea what I should get my mother. This season she hasn't dropped me even the slightest hint of what she wants. I figured walking around town, window shopping in the mall was going to take too long, so I took my searches online. Almost immediately I found the perfect gift! I came upon these rings, and knew they were perfect. I ordered the ring, and received it a few days later. The jewelers I worked with were amazing. They put up with all of my needs perfectly, and knew exactly what they were doing. I would honestly say that these guys are the best jewelers in Newport Beach!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Amazing Lab Coats at 20% Off!

If you are stumped on what to get the dental or medical professional in the family or at the office, look no further! Check out the awesome fitting lab coats, and scrubs at Medelita! Now is the perfect time to order during the Holiday Sale! Save 20% Off Nov 25th - Nov 30th 2010!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Comfortable Mens Scrubs Are Out There

My co-worker is always complaining about his scrubs. He says they are too bulky, don't have a great range of motion and are just not that comfortable. I knew the place I bought my medical scrubs from has mens scrubs too, so I recommended the website to him. After he bought himself some scrubs from there he wouldn't stop telling me how happy he is he bought them. They are not bulky at all and have great range of motion. They are also very comfortable and do not irritate the skin.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Memorable Personalized Jewelry

My dad and mom bought me some personalized jewelry and my favorite piece was this necklace.They engraved my initials and a little saying on it.They gave it to me before I left for college and it's my favorite necklace ever.I wear it every where and it's like even though i'm far away they are still with me.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cute Personalized Baby Gifts

I found the cutest personalized baby gifts and it was hard for me to choose what I wanted to get.This plate has your own fairy tale and has a bunch of princess and fun disney characters.For a girl,I think this is perfect.You put the baby girl's name on it and it is just something special they would always have.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coming Home to a Lampe Berger Fragrance

If you have a wife like mine she is obsessed with candles, fresh scents and anything that makes our home smell wonderful. I came home the other day to a really great scent that I couldn't make out. I asked her what smelled so wonderful. It wants overwhelming just so comfortable and refreshing. She told me it was the new Lampe Berger Fragrance she just bought. I'm not too familiar with this kind of thing but, I totally enjoyed it. Coming home to a great smelling home is something I love.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Womens Plus Size Swimwear

As the years grow on, my weight seems to keep growing too. I've tried many different weight loss supplements and exercise programs, but nothing seemed to work. This year, I had to face the dreadful decision of weather I'm going to participate in summer swim camp at the lake. I love teaching the kids how to swim, however, I don't have a swimsuit that fits. I began looking for a new swimsuit around town, but came up empty handed. Some fit alright, but they just weren't comfortable, and the style just wasn't me. Finally, I took my searches online and found these great womens plus size swimwear.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Enter the Contest of the week! Contest of the week!
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Useful Groomsmen Gifts

My brothers wedding was coming up, and I was in charge of helping with the groomsmen gifts. I began looking around town, but couldn't find anything that was good enough, or that somewhat matched the bachelor party trap shoot theme. My brothers only request was that the gifts were useful. Finally, I took my searches online and found these great groomsmen gifts personalized green camouflage flasks. All of the guys really liked them!

Specialized Womens Lab coats!

For all of the medical coats I've had, I would have to admit that these are the best ones. From my past experience, many lab coats cant be machine washed, and they get dirty fast! Also, many are made from itchy, thin fabric. However these are made with incredibly soft thick fabric, that is the perfect breathable material for a long day. Now they have these specialized womens labc oats, so the fit is much better, and not so baggy. Great purchase!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Feeling Safer with Some Home Security

I have been thinking about home security lately since I heard there were some break ins in the neighborhood. I didn't know where to start! But, I did find a really great place to get wholesale security systems so I could start out with something to feel safer. I really liked the security camera set up for the front door. The way our house is built the front door is the number one security issue. We not able to see who is at the door so this will help out tremendously. I feel safer opening the door to someone I can see and recognize. I think I may be getting another one for the backdoor as well. You can never be to careful!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Great Hid Fixtures!

My sister and her husband just moved into their first home. On their property, they have many small buildings, and one large poll shed that was left partially under construction when they moved in. The only thing missing out of the poll shed was the lights, everything was wired exc. I found these great hid fixtures and they work great! Awesome buy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Funny Baby Shower Games!

For my baby shower, I really wanted the guests to have fun. Immediately, I started looking for fun baby shower games that would entertain everyone and create a few laughs. All around town, not a single store had anything. Finally I thought of looking online. Right away I found these great baby shower games! Everyone at the shower had a great time with these hilarious baby shower games!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Benchmark.. Best brand ever for wedding bands!

My fiance and I were looking for wedding rings, and we couldn't find anything.  My friend showed me the website her and her husband bought their rings from. We loved almost everything on the website! It was so hard to choose! When we came across the Benchmark Wedding bands, we fell in love! My husband gets so many good comments on his rings!

A plus! There are price cuts on almost everything!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Franchise Lead Generation; Amazing Work!

For years now, I've been wanting to expand my business. However, I wasn't sure how. I researched for months, but came up with nothing. Finally I found this great franchise lead generation. They did wonders with my business, now I'm growing more than ever! Quality work!

"About to Hatch" Baby Shower Favors!

Have you ever gone to a party or baby shower, and received a favor you couldn't use? I have! For my baby shower, I wanted to get my guests something that they would actually use. I started looking all over town, but couldn't find anything. Finally I found these great "About to Hatch" baby shower favors Stainless-Steel Egg Whisks and all of the guests loved them! Awesome buy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flattering Plus Size Swimwear!

As the sweltering heat of summer encroaches on us, we want to go somewhere near the water. For many, however, this time of year means staying off the beaches, and out of the swimsuits due to our recent weight gain. Many ladies are self conscious about their weight and looks. But why be self conscious on the beach, when you can get this stylish plus size swimwear! They make suits for every body type and style. There are many color variations and cuts to choose from, and the best part is, buying these swimsuits wont empty your wallet! I got one of these swimsuits and I absolutely love it. Its incredibly comfortable and flattering. Love it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Personalized Jewelry

My kids and husband bought me some personalized jewelry and this was my favorite piece,because it had my kids names on it and my husband and said the world's best mom.I loved it and I might have teared up a little bit.It is a very gorgeous necklace and it means so much to me.

Charming Zoo Crew Baby Shower Theme!

Who's been to a baby shower with little or no baby shower decorations? Or simply had no theme? I have! I personally like party's that are cute, and have decoration. If a baby shower doesn't have a theme, its just no fun. There's no decorations to look at or talk about. So when I was planning my cousins baby shower, I was sure to pick her out an adorable baby shower theme! I chose this cute Zoo Crew theme and all of the guests couldn't stop raving about how cute everything was!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pink Baby Shower Games!

Honestly, who's gone to a baby shower that was well, quite frankly, boring? I have! I hate when baby showers are just sitting and talking, no games, no fun. So when I was planning my sisters baby shower, I was sure to pick some adorable baby shower games to prevent boredom. I picked out this classic, cute, pink pacifier game and everyone loved it! All the guests had a great time taking anyone's pacifier that said baby! This game was a hit!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Modern Mens Wedding Bands

In the market for some really cool mens jewelry? I have to say that my anniversary is coming up and I have been checking out mens wedding bands like this. This this palladium ring by COGE has a awesome square shape and satin finish. The dimension of the ring is fresh and modern just what I was looking for! I have always leaned towards individuality and stylish rings that you can't find anywhere else. Just like me I like my rings to say look at me!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Recyling Smart

Let's think green here people. I am all for recycling and always have been. There are some great companies out there as well that have the resources to do just that. With the help of Shingle recycling Dem-Con can save tens of thousands of cubic yards of landfill space by recycling any shingles from business and home roofs. I totally support companies that have our resources and environment in mind while running a business. More business owners would be wise to look into giving back. What do you think?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Checking Out a New Ring

Ive been rolling around in my head the idea of a new wedding band. There are some really awesome mens wedding bands out there. Check out this cool looking ring that I am totally digging right now!
Its a wide tension set ring that has some cool yellow and blue diamonds!
What do you think? Cool or What?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Great Vacation in Huntington Beach

Had an awesome Memorial Day Vacation. The family and I headed down to one of our favorite places in the world, Huntington Beach California. The weather was great, the food was great and the surfing was great! I wanted to surprise my wife so I called around looking for massages in Huntington Beach. There happened to be this great little place that she could get the works! From skin treatments to manicures. She was thrilled none the less and I got to spend some alone time on my surfboard for a few hours. So, besides the great vacation spot I think I was the hero of this vacation. I will have to remember to hook her up next time and I may join her!

Friday, May 28, 2010

She's a Keeper!

It's about that time again, yep Spring has arrived and so are all our friend's due dates!
My wife has been spinning in circles trying to coordinate four showers and a wedding. I think she must be crazy but she loves this kind of thing. So, she is constantly planning and buying baby gifts, decor and ordering food. She is probably the most organized person ever! When it comes to me I am the one who just goes with the flow. She is my calendar and organizer and I'm grateful for that because all I have to do is ask her what the plan is and she can rattle off the days events off the top of her head! Yep, she's a keeper!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pilots Dream

How many hobbies do you guys entertain? I have a few including shooting, fishing and now I'm looking into getting my pilots license after a trip with a buddy of mine. He now lives his dream charting his aircraft for fishing expeditions. Let's say I'm quite jealous of his job. We spent the weekend out on the San Jaun islands and I got some great information on how I can obtain my pilots license. He even gave me a hands on lesson on aircraft parts & supplies to keep his machine running smoothly. This could be the start to something that I have been dreaming of doing. Although I will have to run it by the wife first.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Trip to The ER

Trips to the emergency room is never a really fun one but, hey we've all been there haven't we? My youngest son fell of his bike and broke his arm over the weekend so we rushed to the ER and waited around four hours to be seen finally. We had a game going to pass the time, how many doctors were actually wearing men's lab coats and who were not. Its a little hard to decipher who was a Dr. and who was a nurse these days. Shouldn't there be a dress code of some sort? You would think so wouldn't you? Well guess who won the game of the dress code game? Yep, the wife!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekends and Baby Showers!

Well guys, I'm kicked out of the house this weekend again because my wife is throwing yet another baby shower for her girlfriend. I think she really enjoys hanging out with the girls and talking baby stuff, which is fine by me. I think I'm going to the shooting range with my buddy after she has me check out all the baby shower party supplies she just had delivered. I have to hand it to her, if I was in need of a party I would definitely have her hook me up. She's really good at this! I secretly liked the Monkey theme she is going for. I think its because she always calls me her "monkey man," ah yes the little pet name we give one another. Anyway, my weekend is set, she does her thing, I do mine! Ah...Lovin' life!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Side of Me...

I was asked what I did over the weekend at the office this morning. Let's just say I didnt jump at the response because I was actually helping my wife out plan her best friends bridal shower.
You know how guys can be, they would of definitely given me a hard time if I blurted out, "oh, I was making out bridal shower invitations and planning a luncheon."
I really don't mind helping out in these departments and it makes feel good that my wife thinks I obtain qualities that she finds useful. Like decorating and organizing. Heck, I did most of our wedding planning but, I'm not going to advertise this to the guys at the office!
Yes, I am a man of many sides and that is why I am adored!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kuddos to the Wedding Planner!

If your a guy you know there are certain kinds of activites or gatherings we would rather be at over a wedding right? Well, I don't know if its just that I am maturing or getting a little soft around the edges but, I actually dug the last wedding I was a part of.
Yes, my friends are getting married one by one and no its not like the "Wedding Crasher's" flick or so I wish but, I came out with some really cool kuddos.
Not only did I do the whole James Bond look alike act but, whoever planned the wedding and reception really paid attention to all the wedding favors and what they guy's would appreciate!
Check out this ultra cool groomsmen gift that all the guys got! It's a a portable party! Now I can pack up my tunes and snacks and take it everywhere I go! I even have my name on it!
Hint, no more ties! Give the guy's some cool brew and tunes and they'll love ya for it!