Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Side of Me...

I was asked what I did over the weekend at the office this morning. Let's just say I didnt jump at the response because I was actually helping my wife out plan her best friends bridal shower.
You know how guys can be, they would of definitely given me a hard time if I blurted out, "oh, I was making out bridal shower invitations and planning a luncheon."
I really don't mind helping out in these departments and it makes feel good that my wife thinks I obtain qualities that she finds useful. Like decorating and organizing. Heck, I did most of our wedding planning but, I'm not going to advertise this to the guys at the office!
Yes, I am a man of many sides and that is why I am adored!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kuddos to the Wedding Planner!

If your a guy you know there are certain kinds of activites or gatherings we would rather be at over a wedding right? Well, I don't know if its just that I am maturing or getting a little soft around the edges but, I actually dug the last wedding I was a part of.
Yes, my friends are getting married one by one and no its not like the "Wedding Crasher's" flick or so I wish but, I came out with some really cool kuddos.
Not only did I do the whole James Bond look alike act but, whoever planned the wedding and reception really paid attention to all the wedding favors and what they guy's would appreciate!
Check out this ultra cool groomsmen gift that all the guys got! It's a a portable party! Now I can pack up my tunes and snacks and take it everywhere I go! I even have my name on it!
Hint, no more ties! Give the guy's some cool brew and tunes and they'll love ya for it!