Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Friday Kids Toys Sale!

I haven't even started my Holiday shopping yet. That just goes to show I'm one of those guys who procrastinates Anyway, this year I figure I would brave some of those Black Friday sales and get some of my shopping knocked out even if it is just a few I will be way ahead of the game on my end.
Buying kids toys always makes me feel like a kid myself so, I really don't mind shopping for all the cool action figures, cars and trucks! Now, for all you guys like me out there, I came across a really awesome sale! If you have little ones on your shopping list here's a Sale you don't want to miss! You not only get to shop for Four days you get free shipping over a $50 purchase and Free gift wrapping! So head on over to this Friday Nov. 27th thorough Monday the 30th and get your Shopping on!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Doctor's Should Look Their Best!

In the health care industry I noticed that there are a lot more doctor's and nurses really caring about their appearance. For example I use to see doctors on a regular basis since I've had my share of surgeries. I would see nurses wearing those old boxy shaped scrubs and doctors would wear ill fitting lab coats and such. I didn't think much of it at first but, now that fashion has come such a long way, it's even made its way it seems into the uniforms and women's lab coats of doctors and nurses. It's nice to see a doctor who is treating you for an aliment dressed professionally and looking sharp. This tells me that they know their stuff and I feel a little better being seen by someone who looks their best. Especially when you may be contemplating surgery! Who wants a sloppy looking doctor who looks like they just pulled out something out of the hamper?