Friday, May 28, 2010

She's a Keeper!

It's about that time again, yep Spring has arrived and so are all our friend's due dates!
My wife has been spinning in circles trying to coordinate four showers and a wedding. I think she must be crazy but she loves this kind of thing. So, she is constantly planning and buying baby gifts, decor and ordering food. She is probably the most organized person ever! When it comes to me I am the one who just goes with the flow. She is my calendar and organizer and I'm grateful for that because all I have to do is ask her what the plan is and she can rattle off the days events off the top of her head! Yep, she's a keeper!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pilots Dream

How many hobbies do you guys entertain? I have a few including shooting, fishing and now I'm looking into getting my pilots license after a trip with a buddy of mine. He now lives his dream charting his aircraft for fishing expeditions. Let's say I'm quite jealous of his job. We spent the weekend out on the San Jaun islands and I got some great information on how I can obtain my pilots license. He even gave me a hands on lesson on aircraft parts & supplies to keep his machine running smoothly. This could be the start to something that I have been dreaming of doing. Although I will have to run it by the wife first.