Monday, September 22, 2008

The Cutest Baby Gifts Around!

It seems so easy to shop for little girls but, when it comes to baby boys, there doesnt seem to be a lot out there. Until I found the great baby gifts selection for boys at They have categories set out by price range for boys and girls! You can choose from really cute baby onesies, camo, baby clothes, grocery cart covers, great looking baby blankets, stuffed animals and more! If you want to find something that the new mom will love, or the first birthday boy will adore check out for a great selection of designer baby gifts!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Look Forward tho This Time of Year!

Sunday and, Monday nights are highly anticipated days this time of year. Can you guess why? Well, if your not one of those die hard fans who pull out their NFL Football Jerseys during game season, you probably are not aware of why these days are so coveted. I have been one of those people who look forward to a good game after a long day at work and, I usually don't look forward to Sundays, until this time of year. Yes, I have played all the fantasy football leagues and know how many touchdowns to date of a current player or who is on the injured list. Some call it a hobbie, a passion, just like anything else, if you like something your definitely going to know a lot about it! So, here I am checking out stats of my competition of my league this year. Let's just say I have my fingers crossed for Sunday's game, the Packers vs. Cowboys!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Charming Effect of Sterling Silver

With so many choices out there it may be hard to come up with a unique and, well thought out gift. With such items like this you can't go wrong. I have always liked to give something personal and, dear for any special occasion. I love to see the look on the person's face when they open one of my gifts. Sterling silver keepsake gifts like this Victorian Heart Charm Bracelet was such a hit for my cousin's birthday. she loved the puffed heart design of this bracelet. Now all the girls in the family want one! I will have to visit again and, start shopping for the holidays!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Not Your Grandma's Rocker!

This is not your grandmother's old rocking chair! These are the modern additions of baby furniture that are must have item for the baby's room. Cool, sleek, comfortable and fun, these Nurserywork Gliders are the perfect place to sit and relax with baby. Easy motion will put your little one to sleep and, you too! Relax in your choice of color to match the nursery's decor. Available at!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Look Stylish on the Golf Course Ladies!

Now all the ladies can look fashionable while on the green! When it comes to ladies golf apparel, the modern fashion market has pulled out all the stops on the level of good looking golf clothing. With attention to modern design designers such as Verdina and, Lija design golf clothing that flatter all body types with cutting edge prints. This Verdina shawl collar top features small zip pocket, a kangaroo pocket and, long sleeves. Top it off with a good looking golf cap and, your ready to hit the golf course in complete style!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Easily Shop Online!

When it comes to shopping for back to school, it can be totally out of control! That's why I always do it online! No more spending hours looking for what you need, standing in line and, wasting gas driving there and, back. I found the cutest children's clothes & baby clothes all online. I can sit with the kids and, have them help me too! It couldn't get any easier! And, a lot of retailers have some really great deals and, offer free shipping! If you prefer to shop online too, what are your favorite baby clothes and, children's clothing stores online?