Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wedding Favors on the Beach

My mother surprised my entire family with a trip to Hawaii this summer. Any excuse to get over there is her outlook. Her niece, my cousin is getting married, so why not? Hey I'm not complaining I'm excited. A week in paradise with my wife and kids. The wedding is going to be low key on the beach with some appropriate beach wedding favors, island food, and small wedding party. It will be more on the casual side so I ask this. Is it okay to wear shorts and flip flops to this or what? What do you think?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Knowing What Aircraft Parts & Supplies Are Needed

You know I have always looked back and wondered what if. Hasn't everyone? Come on you know you have that one thing in your life you wish you didn't pass up. For me is was turning down my enlistment after I passed all the requirements. I seriously wanted to be a pilot. A helicopter pilot to be exact. Anyway I dreamt of delivering supplies and carrying soldiers into missions and engaging the enemy if needed. My buddy in high school didn't pass this opportunity up and is now currently working with all sorts of aircraft. He is a brilliant mechanic and has a knack of knowing exactly what aircraft parts & supplies are needed at the drop of a hat. Comes in handy when your out on a recon mission. Always be prepared. Yeah, you can say I'm a bit jealous but, hey at least I get to hear what I missed out on. Stay safe my friend and we will see you when you get home!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When She Can Pull Off Sexy Adult Costumes

I have to brag about my wife who loves to dress up for Halloween or any function that requires her to dress up in costumes. She is in such great shape so she can pull off just about any sexy adult costumes. Last October I bought her this sassy little Tinkerbell dress with fairy wings. All I can say is wow! Everyone at the party we attended wanted to have their picture taken with her! She was the cutest girl there and she was with me!